A Star Is Born

A day ahead of our interview with author Jenny Cathcart, we are publishing an excerpt from her book Notes from Africa: A Musical Journey with Youssou N’Dour. [responsive id=’48465′ name=’2021/03/NotesfromAfrica_FC.jpg’] A STAR IS BORN As he emerged on the local music scene, Youssou N’Dour, Senegal’s first pop idol, was often compared to American superstar MichaelContinue reading “A Star Is Born”

Meet the Matriarch of Reggae Music

VP Records co-founder and reigning real Queen of the Dancehall and matriarch of Reggae music, Patricia “Miss Pat” Chin, continues to lead the largest independent Reggae label and distributor of Caribbean music. Enjoy this excerpt from her forthcoming energetic and very engaging autobiography, where she talks about her family history, sound system culture, the startContinue reading “Meet the Matriarch of Reggae Music”

Finding a Sense of Self: the Homecoming experience, Nigeria

I had spent years running from my Nigerian heritage because I wanted to fit in. But over the Easter break, I was fortunate enough to be invited by BBK to their official Homecoming event. For someone who was already embarking on a journey of self-discovery after quitting my job, coming home in December 2017 andContinue reading “Finding a Sense of Self: the Homecoming experience, Nigeria”

Franco-Malian dancer Smaïl Kanouté on the intersection between dance and art

‘I dance like a brush, trying to paint musical motifs in the air.’ 30-year-old graphic designer, multidisciplinary artist and professional dancer, Smaïl Kanouté pivots at the intersection between art and dance.  You’ll be able to see his latest work PROJECTION(S) at the FRAGMENTS festival in Paris on November 19 – 20. The dance is theContinue reading “Franco-Malian dancer Smaïl Kanouté on the intersection between dance and art”

Dancing Afro-poppin’ hip hop in Kigali

Chris Hirwa first learnt his moves from his uncle who shared his love for funk with him. The young dancer then moved on to YouTube videos to watch other dancers from around the world and learn some more skills. Now 22 years old, his own style has developed and he’s started doing his own choreography, assembled his ownContinue reading “Dancing Afro-poppin’ hip hop in Kigali”