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The podcast that asks the questions that matter to Africa

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The Podcast for Africa

Welcome to Limitless, the new podcast series that asks the questions that matter to Africa.

🎧 Does Africa have an image problem?

🎧 Can you teach entrepreneurship?

🎧 Does Black Lives Matter matter to Africa?

These are just some of the topics we’ll be tackling.

And we’re not looking for simple answers.

Just as Africa’s potential is limitless, so are the possible solutions to any challenges the continent faces.

During each podcast episode, we’ll be asking three very different guests to give their take on each question. This will come as no surprise but they don’t always agree.

Meet your host

The thirty episodes are hosted in English and French by Togolese American journalist, editor and entrepreneur Claude Grunitzky. He’s the founder of the media platform TRUE Africa and TRUE Africa University, a Pan-African learning community.

Our core production team is based out of Nairobi, Johannesburg, London, Paris and New York City. The production team is supported by a team of 10 Local Broadcast Ambassadors who are based in target countries on the continent.

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Which meal reminds me of home?

Is there one dish that sums up childhood?

Chef Binta, Chef Helt Araujo, Yasmine Fofana

Are these the future faces of farming?

The women pushing innovation in agriculture

Angela Odero, Gislaine Matiedje Nkenmayi, Gugulethu Mahlangu

How can young farming entrepreneurs fight climate change?

The young farming entrepreneurs rising to the challenge

Angela Odero, Gislaine Matiedje Nkenmayi, Gugulethu Mahlangu

Are African films going to take over streaming?

How can we make money for ourselves, not the fat cats in Hollywood?

denim richards, kunle afolayan, Samira Vera-Cruz

Is 2024 the new 1994 for South Africa?

How the big issues affect young voters

Dimpho Legkeu, Yanga Malotana

Should young people bother voting?

A look at some of 2024's biggest elections

Oliver Barker-Vormawor, Seth Karamage, Yanga Malotana

"Women bring a subversive perspective" - Author Novuyo Rosa Tshuma on Zimbabwean literature

The award-winning novelist who teaches at the Iowa Writers Workshop

Novuyo Rosa Tshuma

“We are becoming the content hub of the world” - Sizo and Mmeli of Antidote Music

The Eswatini music producers fighting back

Mmeli Hlanze, Sizo Hlophe

How I did it: 3 stories from young entrepreneurs

What it takes to succeed.

DJ Elly Chuva, Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, Zaid Osman

Does religion help or harm development?

Africa is one of the most religious places in the world.

Bakary Sambe, Harrison Mumia, James Wuye

Can the Basketball Africa League take off

Time to find the next generation of Giannis, Dengs and Ibakas.

Amadou Fall, Flo Larkai, Usher Komugisha

How do we improve African film?

From Nollywood to YouTube to arthouse festivals…

Editi Effiong, Kivu Ruhorahoza, Nicole Amarteifio

Does Black Lives Matter matter to Africa?

“The African context doesn’t change the debate. It reinforces it”

Dimpho Legkeu, Ernesto Yeboah, Wise Bayano

Do we need to rethink the fight against HIV in Africa?

Over 25 million people in Africa are living with HIV. Why?

Bisi Alimi, Jacqueline Wambui, Saidy Brown

How do you get more women in political leadership?

There are still very few African female heads of state.

Busisiwe Seabe, Noëlla Coursaris Musunka, Oby Ezekwesili

How do we build an African fashion industry?

“We really do give inspiration to other markets”

Moses Turahirwa, Roberta Annan, Zaid Osman

3 young Africans organizing against climate change

“Africa needs to wake up and start leading by example.”

Davis Reuben, Kemo Fatty, Khahliso Myataza

How can we raise the next generation of African football stars?

“Africa has a chance to be the biggest producer of talent in the world”

Eddie Mensah, Kingsley Pungong, Oumou Kane

Are borders holding Africa back?

Is it time to rethink red lines on maps?

Kah Walla, Mutemi Wa Kiama, Samba Bathily

How I did it: 3 stories from young political activists

“You don't have to be a politician to be a leader.”

Busisiwe Seabe, Cheik Fall, Kemo Fatty

Female Genital Mutilation - Three ways to change the culture

Can we stop a centuries-old practice?

Fatoumata Sire Diakate Junior, Jeremiah Kipainoi, Kadiatou Konate

Can green energy power Africa's future?

When it comes to climate change, Africa will be one of the continents which is hit the hardest.

Linda Mabhena-Olagunju, Olasimbo Sojinrin, Samba Bathily

Does Africa have an image problem?

How do we bust the stereotypes about the continent?

Jessica Hope, Moky Makura, Nicole Amartiefio

How do you stop the brain drain?

About 70,000 skilled professionals emigrate from Africa every year.

Gabriel Curtis, Lydiah Bosire, Pearl Pillay

Can you teach entrepreneurship?

“It takes a certain type of personality to be an entrepreneur.”

Bitange Ndemo, Rebecca Enonchong, Thami Pooe

Does aid create more problems than it solves?

We ask an aid worker, an activist and an economist.

Albert Honlonkou, Mutemi Wa Kiama, Pedro Matos

How I did it: 3 stories from women in male-dominated industries

What challenges do they face? How do they make their voices heard in their place of work?

DJ Elly Chuva, Kah Walla, Linda Mabhena-Olagunju

Can LGBT rights ever be part of African values?

When it comes to gay rights on the continent, Africans are conflicted.

Kat Kai Kol-Kes, Sheba Akpokli, Va-Bene Fiatsi

Do repats have an unfair advantage?

Many diaspora Africans are choosing to return to the continent. Are they welcome?

Gabriel Curtis, Nicole Amartiefio, Rebecca Enonchong

How do we get Africans to respect artists?

In Africa, being an artist doesn’t carry the same prestige as other professions.

DJ Elly Chuva, Roberta Annan, Sonia Lawson

Do African presidents need term limits?

Is it democratic to force presidents to leave office?

Evan Lieberman, Kah Walla, Pearl Pillay

How can we raise more African unicorns?

In 2020, there were over 500 billion-dollar companies worldwide. Only seven were African.

Maya Horgan Famodu, Rebecca Enonchong, Thami Pooe

How do you stop ethnic interests influencing politics?

Is the idea of ethnic groups at odds with the idea of a modern state?

Bakary Sambe, Evan Lieberman, Mutemi Wa Kiama

How do we stop fake news spreading in Africa?

It can sway elections in Nigeria. Stoke up ethnic hatred in Ethiopia. Bolster business interests in South Africa.

Aanu Adeoye, Odanga Madung, Samba Dialimpa

How can we keep girls in school?

Women’s education is often at the forefront of development work in Africa. But something isn’t working.

Cara Myers, Djénéba Gory, Noëlla Coursaris Musunka

How I told them: Three stories about coming out in Africa

It is incredibly brave to admit to yourself and others that you aren’t straight.

Kat Kai Kol-Kes, Sheba Akpokli, Va-Bene Fiatsi

How can Africans get their voices heard in international institutions?

Historically Africans have not been well represented in international institutions. Is this changing?

Mutemi Wa Kiama, Oby Ezekwesili, Pedro Matos

Are tech startups the answer to Africa’s unemployment problem?

The African startup scene is making some people very wealthy. But are these companies actually creating jobs?

Gabriel Curtis, Maya Horgan Famodu, Samba Bathily