In Lagos shipping container houses are in vogue

Have you ever thought of living in a container house? No? Well, I have. The deficit housing demand, long construction duration and high rent makes me fantasise about mounting a container in a field and just moving in. Crazy, right? Well container housing is no longer just a fantasy in Nigeria, thanks to Tempohousing Nigeria. TempohousingContinue reading “In Lagos shipping container houses are in vogue”

Can become a Nigerian e-commerce titan?

The long awaited ‘made in’ concept is set to become a reality soon as Sam Hart, Senior Special Assistant to the governor of Abia state, Nigeria announced the launch of on twitter yesterday.   Glad to announce that will be launching officially on October 1st, 2016. Your One-Stop Shop for all thingsContinue reading “Can become a Nigerian e-commerce titan?”

Get rewarded for discovering bugs at this Lagos Testathon

Yes to Lagos. The Testathon will be happening on June 26. A Testathon is like a hackathon – but *wait for it* – for testers. The idea was created because nobody ever invites testers to hackathons. I must say that, this is the first of its kind in Nigeria.   You mean you discover bugsContinue reading “Get rewarded for discovering bugs at this Lagos Testathon”