In honour of World Jollof Day, and for the benefit of those that might not have had the privilege (yes, privilege) of sampling some of the amazing downtown combo delicacies that Nigeria has to offer, I’ve made a list to celebrate them.

You’ll soon discover how seriously Nigerians take their food. If you think I’m bluffing, scroll down and experience some classic Naija reactions on social media. I will start with…

Jollof Rice

This orange-looking food seems to be a lot of people’s default in Nigeria.

It sounds simple and boring, but trust thy Nigerian palate, the exquisite way it tastes will make you believe that every jollof rice should be created, Nigerian style. It can be eaten with moinmoin and/dodo (plantain) but only jollof rice can please everybody.

Abacha and Ugba

It is known as an ‘African salad’ because of the manner in which it is made and the different fruits/vegetable ingredient involved.

It’s made primarily with dried shredded cassava.

When food prevents people from going abroad:

Akara and Pap

This is well-known as ‘Saturday morning food’. It is like taking beans and maize in a softer form.

No words for this:

Ewa Agoyin and Agege Bread

This is super-mashed beans and bread. Anyway you feel comfortable eating bread and tea is the same way one eats agege bread and ewa aganyin.

The combo taste will make anyone believe in God:

Ijebu Garri and Groundnut

I must say that this food combo’s name has been ‘tushed’ from one name to another like ‘dry roasted, gluten-free cassava cereal and peanuts’.

Ijebu garri and groundnut is ijebu garri and groundnut, oh plus sugar. And yes, it is cassava and peanut in the best form ever.

Moral lesson: You must only patronize people who can give you garri and groundnut:

Pepper Soup and Beer

This is a light, watery soup that is really spicy and filled with assorted meat or fish with scent leaf.

It is best taken hot and ‘stepped down’ with a bottle of beer (or two!):

Roasted Corn and Ube

This is just roasted maize and pear. The good news even (with all this mishappens occurring here and there in Nigeria) is it’s officially the season of corn and pear.

Only food can drive a Nigerian home.

You can find most of these almost anywhere, a few of them might require some deeper searching. You can also add to this list at any time because we uncover perfect Nigerian foods combo every day. Don’t forget to share.