Jidenna has finally released a video for Long Live the Chief.

Now they say ‘Jidenna why you dressing so classic?’
I don’t want my best-dressed day in a casket

The hard-hitting lyrics touch on a lot of topics while the video itself features some nifty dance moves from Jidenna and a TRUE Africa writer Kathryn (second from the left doing a pretty good ‘sad’ face).

It’s the B-side to Classic Man and, true to form, is full of references to Jidenna’s political views. Young men shouldn’t be aspiring to be bosses or kings, obsessed with status, gangs, money and hoes. The ‘Chief’ is the new role model; a man who lives ‘with the people’ and is ‘a social entrepreneur’.

Niggas fighting over rings
Niggas wanna be the King, but
Long Live the Chief
For a li’ ol’ thang lil’ boys bang bang

And in the coffin? It’s that kid who didn’t go to the Chieftain Academy.