Okzharp and Manthe Ribane have just released their first track together

Dear Ribane is the first track released from Manthe Ribane’s debut EP Dumela 113. The dancer, model and all-out creative is taking charge as a singer in this raw video. 

This is part of an ongoing artistic collaboration between Manthe Ribane, the photographer and director Chris Saunders and producer Okzharp and it sure is an explosive breath of fresh air.

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Chris says that ‘this video takes you in to a pure performance realm, links to our full-length video artwork Ghost Diamond but focuses on the artist Manthe and her incredible words, relevant dance moves and symbolic outfits.’ With Deon van Zyl behind the lens on this production, every twitch, twist and jump from Manthe is caught perfectly.

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Well known across South Africa, Manthe has toured globally as a backing dancer with South African band Die Antwood and is a creative director of her family-run collective Ribane Studio 113. Singing seems to be another string to her bow and I personally can’t wait for the EP to drop.

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The EP Dumela 113 will be out on October 30 on Hyperdub.