Across the diaspora, there’s a depth of sounds that showcase the brilliance and artistry of black people.

Diaspora discoveries is a weekly column which aims to champion and celebrate these voices. Sit back and let them take you on a melodic journey…

Fragment by Sufyvn

Sudanese artist Sufyvn explores music history on Fragment through the use of old Haqeeba-era samples, bringing them to life with hip-hop inspired inflections.

Grapevine by Gerald Jacobs ft Chel Strong

London rapper Gerald Jacobs taps into his soul to bring us some funk-inspired UK rap.

Deltino Guerreiro by Duas Caras

Deltino blends the various sounds of Mozambique’s musical landscape to create a rhythmic song that inspires you to move.

Boa Noite by Karol Conka

Whilst this is a fairly old one from Brazilian MC Karol Conka, I first heard it at a samba party in Rio. Borrowing a sample from Beyoncé, the MC seamlessly blends it with a fierce display of lyricism and panache.

Got Til It’s Gone (Zikomo Remix) by Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson’s classic has been remixed endless times over the years but Soulection’s Zikomo continues the trend and does it justice with his own upbeat remix.