Across the diaspora, there’s a depth of sounds that showcase the brilliance and artistry of black people.

Diaspora discoveries is a weekly column which aims to champion and celebrate these voices. For the inaugural piece, we found some of the most soulful voices on the internet at present. Sit back and let them take you on a melodic journey…

KAYA by Miles From Kinshasa

KAYA is what happens when Congolese music is blended with synths reminiscent of an 80’s action TV show. It’s another showcase of Miles From Kinshasa’s ability to break down what he sees and put it back together with his own brand of fragmented, heartfelt R’n’B.

Trippin' On U by Arima Ederra

Ederra delicately floats on Trippin’ On U, inviting us with her warm and hazy vocals.

Submarine by Jelani Blackman

Charging and haunting, Jelani Blackman uses dark synths that brings to life the nature of the song.

Studio by Iman Europe

With boom bap-esque production, Iman Europe marries hip hop with soul on her smooth-cut Studio.

Boxing Ring by TAYK

Unapologetic and abrasive, London artist TAYK effortlessly weaves social commentary and politics into his own brand of grime.