Lisbon-based DJ Firmeza has come out with this stellar track, ahead of the release of his album Alma Do Meu Pai on October 16.

The album is a tribute to DJ Firmeza’s recently passed father (the title translates to ‘soul of my father’) and is being released on Lisbon label, Príncipe Discos. This percussion-heavy, staggeringly complicated track promises more to come from this deeply personal album.

Firmeza is known for his talents as a DJ and producer. At 20 years old, he’s got plenty of time to hone his skills. Born in Portugal and of Angolan descent, Firmeza is carving out a scene in Lisbon with his ability to get a crowd going.

He’ll be on tour in Europe this October. If you want a snippet of what you could be enjoying, check out this great photo from the last time he was in London:

His tour dates:

Oct 9: Príncipe at Dance Tunnel, London, UK (with Nídia Minaj and DJ Marfox)
Oct 15: Unsound, Krakow, Poland
Oct 17: WORM, Rotterdam, Netherlands (with Lilocox)
Oct 24: Connect The Dots, Sheffield, UK (with DJ Marfox)

You can pre-order Alma Do Meu Pai here

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