They say ‘first impressions last’ and Nasty C seems to be thriving off the sentiment. When the Juice Back rapper tweeted the release of his debut studio album tagged with the link I instantly clicked on it and waited in anticipation as Bad Hair downloaded. Coincidentally my own hair was in dire need of a visit to the barber. A fitting occasion to listen to the album, I thought.

The ever-developing story of Nasty C never ceases to amaze the African hip-hop community. A debut album is marked as an opportunity to stake your legacy in the game, to explore your personal sound, to garner a greater fanbase that can relate with you and, ultimately, to push numbers. Bad Hair will achieve these, and more.

Nasty’s attitude and confidence is evident in the interlude track Please. It simply begins with exclamations of: ‘Everyday! They try to tell me what I can and what I can’t do… Ni**a please!’

As a mere teenager in the game, he illustrates that he has found his feet and nobody get in his way (and his money).

The absence of many features with major names in the South African hip hop give the album that debut feel. There is a strong absence of the musically talented, Tellaman and silky lyricist, Erick Rush, in particular. Tracks like Don’t Do It, Problems and Good Girls/S.C.H. have gone directly into my favourites.

It is unheard of for a ‘new kid on the block’ to exceed his own potential and even eclipse so many stalwarts in the game. Nasty C’s Bad Hair is a solid effort packed with immaculate production, clever word play, versatility, experiences, attitude, and a whole lot more.

Download the album here