Andiswa Mkosi is a Cape Town-based musician and photographer. Andy has just realised Background featuring singer Maurice Turk. It’s ‘a film featuring strong black beautiful women. For a song about strong black beautiful women.’ 

Introduce yourself.

I’m an artist based in Cape Town. I dabble in various art forms and media. I really do not know how to answer this without blowing my own horn, simply put I am great. I make cool music. I love music.

Tell us about your latest music and what inspires you.

My latest music is off two-track EP titled NdineFeelings, the songs came to me at a time were I was madly in lust with a girl I met at a party and the only way for me to release and free myself from those feelings was by writing the two songs. I am inspired by a lot of things, it’s never a constant aspect.

I am inspired by a lot of things. Images play a huge role in my life as well.

What are your musical influences?

Life experiences. But wanting to hear the end-product always pushes and influences me to get the music done. Generally my influences depend on where I am in life really, it’s never a common influence.

What’s it like to work in the music industry where you are?

Its interesting and tough all at the same time but the plain field is open for anyone to dominate depending on your strength and dedication as an artist.At the moment it’s very interesting, given that the music scape and business is always changing, there is no how-to guide, it’s individuals really going out there making careers happen with no blueprint.

What’s a night out like where you are?

I don’t go out much. But when I do its mostly cool kids all over the place, artists getting together and just an energetic vibe.

What song do you listen to: (a) turn up to (b) feel sexy (c) pine over your ex

(a) Glowed Up by Kaytranada feat Anderson .Paak
(b) Rihanna’s Sex With Me.
(c) Eish, a lot. But any song by Adele does the trick.

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