Gidi Fest 2017 is fast approaching and we are trying to get our outfits together. You can’t be too excessive or too naked, right? After all, this is Lagos aka LAS GIDI 🔥🔥🔥 we’re talking about!

Hmm.. better rethink taking our inspo from Beyonce’s pregnancy shoot…

So in the run up to the fourth edition of the hottest event to hit Lagos since – well, since! – we had a chat with our new music #girlcrush and TRUE Africa ‘One to Watch’ transnational Nigerian beauty: FALANA.

She’ll be performing on the main stage at Gidi Fest for the first time. Needless to say she is as excited as we are!

Tell us about yourself

I am a Nigerian musical artist who grew up in Canada.

When did you know you wanted to be a singer?

My talents made themselves known to me, but they were always a part of my life. I was always singing and playing piano. I taught myself the guitar, and throughout my life I invested in my craft.

Which artists do you look up to/aspire to be like?

Lauryn Hill… I mean, of course. The change in her sound, her flow… yes.

My parents listened to King Sunny Adé so he influenced me a lot. I love interesting musical arrangements. Like also Taiwo and Kehinde Lijadu – The Lijadu Sisters – who mix different music forms, sounds and genres. Music from their time, sounds of the 60s, have real significance to me.

Lastly, Sade. Sade is my foundation. They all are, really.

Tell us 5 facts about yourself

1. I have an obsession with languages. I love foreign shows with subtitles, like French shows. I watch them all the time.

2. I used to play competitive soccer. [No way!] Yes really!

3. My favourite colour is green. I love it. Can’t get enough of it.

4. I have a such a sweet tooth. I try to hide how much I love sweet things! Especially ‘puff puff’ [Nigerian version of mini donut balls – They are deep-fried mini bread balls of deliciousness sprinkled with sugar] I would rather eat a meal of puff puff than anything savoury.

5. I’m a nerd. A secret nerd! Being on stage is a completely different side to my usual personality.

Why are you excited to perform at Gidi Fest 2017?

It’s my first Gidi Fest! Yes, it’s my first time at this festival and this fest is a first of its kind. Shout out to Chin and his team! I’m also so excited to meet other artists and the other talent. It’ll be a really fun show. I’m just excited in general!

What projects are you up to next?

Finishing up my album… I’m not going to say when it’ll drop and I don’t like to rush the process. I’m not a perfectionist [she kinda is!].

My first EP was recored in Cuba and had many influences so I trust my own process. There has to be a certain quality and sound. It takes time, but I want to make sure I release something I am proud of.

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