Former Côte d’Ivoire international and star striker Didier Drogba is currently a free agent after leaving Montreal Impact in the MLS, and he is considering options for his next professional football move.

At 38, his career as a player is winding down, but the player feels he still has something to contribute to a team, and admits that he hopes to fulfil a promise he made 12 years ago to return to former club Marseille before the end of his playing time.

The prolific former Chelsea and Galatasaray striker has scored 279 goals in 648 games, and would be interested in scoring a few more in the south of France.

‘There is an option to return to France, but I will no say more. I hope to be able to hold my promise one day [to return to Marseille]), it can be done. You just have to take the time to sit down and talk,’ Drogba told Canal+.

I would like to come back as a player. I even did what was necessary to make it happen.

The popular former African Player of the Year admits that financial compensation for a potential Marseille contract would likely be the stumbling block, as he would not want to halve his typical salary.

‘My comeback at Marseille is the eternal question for more than 12 years now. Every time I respond, and people say I’m just talking. But you let a player go, and financially he is making a good living since then, and now you want him to come back and divide his salary in two? And after that, you say he doesn’t like Marseille. Who works to earn less? No one,’ he added.

‘I would like to come back as a player. I even did what was necessary to make it happen. But I can’t force the board to bring me back. I want to play,’ Drogba said.

His advancing age means that a Marseille contract would need to be forthcoming soon, in order for Drogba to be an effective addition to the Ligue 1 side, while allowing him to consider life after football in closer proximity to the clubs he previously represented.

Perhaps the Ivorian would thrive within the backroom staff at one of his former clubs, ideally either Marseille or Chelsea. It would be great to see Drogba employed as a scout for a European club, with the mandate of identifying African talent and bringing quality players to Europe from various parts of Africa.