President Buhari, it’s OK to say gay

When Nigeria’s president Buhari gave a seemingly innocuous statement calling the Orlando shooting a ‘criminal’ and ‘cowardly’ act of terrorism, he must have forgot that some of his own laws are an attack against the decent, democratic and peaceful LGBT people who live in Nigeria. [recommended id=26769] President Buhari (PMB), in his statement, extended hisContinue reading “President Buhari, it’s OK to say gay”

Lagos, where it’s still a thrill to be gay

Even in religiously conservative countries like the US, same-sex marriage is legal. Things are different in Nigeria. But despite laws, the threat of imprisonment and the death penalty, gay life in that country is pumping. If you’ve lived in Lagos you probably already know this, but just in case you don’t, and are curious, theContinue reading “Lagos, where it’s still a thrill to be gay”