Screw power lists. Here’s a pick ‘n’ mix selection of some young people who are actually doing stuff. In this #EyesOn2017 series, they tell us what’s going to blow up this year.

The man behind the red hat, Abdel Queta Tavares is originally from Guinea-Bissau, Africa. The creative director, photographer and stylist is the founder of the Black Fashion Stars Project (his work below).

He is also currently the subject of one of the portraits in the running for the international contemporary portrait photography competition, the Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2016 which is held at the National Portrait Gallery in London. He tells us about what’s behind his infamous red hat and about the projects he’s been up to in 2016.

Tell us about your red hat

My red hat has a funny history. I bought my first red hat in carnival store two years ago. When I saw this hat in store, I found the colour so attractive. I told my friend I have to buy this hat. But he told me, don’t buy this hat because it is too red, I say to him I like this hat. I have to buy it because it is different.

But the first time I started to wear this hat, I was very ashamed and afraid. I thought maybe people will not like the hat because it is too red. A few days after, in the street, many people start to say to me ‘I love your hat’. So that’s why I start wearing every single day my fabulous hat.

What are you going to remember 2016 for?

Definitely I will remember every time and every single day, the day I first saw my picture on the tube and in National Portrait Gallery. I was waiting for that moment for a long time.

I always believe in myself and sometimes I say to myself that everything is possible if I run towards my dream. Now I see that’s true, but sometimes I think I’m still dreaming when I remember my photos on the tube. This is powerful and I’m so happy.

Definitely 2016 will be part of my history.

What’s keeping you busy in 2017?

For now I don’t know exactly but I hope to find new jobs in the fashion industry and grow every day in the industry… I like to learn new things.

Find out more about the Black Fashion Stars Project.