On his tour of South Africa and Nigeria, Jidenna found time to stop off at Enugu. It’s where he lived as a child when his father was teaching at the university.

In Igbo, his name means, ’embrace the father.’ Chief Oliver Udemmadu Ogbonnia Mobisson, Jidenna’s father, was an engineer, scientist, activist and entrepreneur.

While there, Jidenna visited the local radio station. He seemed pretty happy to be home as he spoke to the crowds that had gathered to see him:

‘It’s good to be here. I’ve got my family with me. I’ve been seeing my aunty and my uncle. Right now, it feels like you’re family too. It’s a blessing to be here. I salute you like you salute me. And don’t worry, I’ll be back. It’s not like it’s the only time I’m coming. I’ll definitely be back a lot more now that I’m travelling.’

Getting ready to visit his home-town.
The hostesses out-swank the Chief.
Reunited with family and friends.
The crowds gather in Enugu.
Happy to be there.
Yes, that's a Jidenna flag.