Watch an aubergine and peach get it on for World AIDS Day

When does friction become lewd? Apparently pretty quickly. MTV has impressed us with how explicit you can make an assortment of fruit and veg to promote condom use when things get a bit heated in the bedroom (or office if you happen to be a kinky aubergine and naughty peach).

[responsive id=’10228′ name=’2015/12/banana-aids-day.jpg’] [responsive id=’10225′ name=’2015/12/banana-doughnut-emoji-aids-day.jpg’]

These sugary treats don’t make for the most gentle watching. Perhaps steer clear of family-time when this is on (or actually do because sex awareness for all is great!). Some very active doughnuts and bananas basically get prepped for some sexy times WITH a handy condom to promise a fun – and safe – night.

[responsive id=’10230′ name=’2015/12/aubergine-peach-aids-day.jpg’] [responsive id=’10227′ name=’2015/12/aubergine-aids-day.jpg’] [responsive id=’10226′ name=’2015/12/make-foreplay-threesome-aids-day.jpg’]

MTV Staying Alive Foundation has also created a new emoji keyboard so you can get sexting with condoms too! Download the keyboard from

But don’t forget why they created this video: It’s World Aids Day. So ‘Make foreplay a threesome’; start putting your aubergines in a condom; and get tested!