We’ve written about the fabulous Maame Adjei before and told the cool stuff she’s been doing. She starred as Zainab in An African City, and was also a producer on the show. She’s now launching Girl Going Places, a travel show devoted to ‘focusing on all the hidden gems, landmarks, culture and traditions within the continent.’

This time round, she’s visiting Paris when fashion week has hit the city. She talks to talented African designers like the founder of shoe collection, Goya Paris, Rodrigue Vodounou; Nelly Wandji, who started an Afro concept store in Paris as well as being behind the online store

Bernie de la Sebure is a designer who produces in Burkina Faso. He tells Maame Adjei how he combines his African heritage with his French sensibilities.

The designer Imane Ayissi talks about the wide possibility of fashion in architecture, design and products and how African fashion is more than wax prints. And she talks to many other African fashion influencers about their hopes and ambitions to make African fashion mainstream.

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