The third episode of Foxy Five has hit YouTube and it just keeps getting better and better.

Nala Xaba stars in this one as Womxn We, a young student who is struggling with her mental health while navigating uni during the fees must fall protests. She’s also dating a professor who may or may not be her blesser. Sounds heavy?

Well it’s not.

The team behind The Foxy Five has nailed the art of being tongue-in-cheek while talking about serious issues. And it helps that the actresses are totally willing to poke fun at their characters and how young South Africans talk today.

The script is hilarious. In one scene, Womxn We comes and meets the rest of the Foxy Five. She’s clearly agitated…

‘This week has been hectic. We need to heal,’ says Femme Fatale (Qondiswa James)

Prolly Plebs (Qiniso Van Damme) butts in ’So, I’ve tweeted, Instagrammed and Tumblerd about the #feesmustfall protests and I just wrote the deepest Facebook post ever.’

Her deep Facebook post?

‘I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change but changing the things I cannot accept… #FeesMustFall #ShackvilleTRC’

The rest of the episode is just as funny but it’s serious too. We’re really starting to care about all of these womxn and their lives. The struggle they face is ours and it’s real.