The best fashion from Dance Africa: punks, sailors and Afro quiffs

Dance Africa is a cultural festival that has been running in Brooklyn for four decades. It is said to be the largest and longest running festival of its kind in the US. Every year on Memorial Day weekend, hundreds converge on the streets of downtown Brooklyn to take part in the festivities.

Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is the host to this event, which brings together all people from the African diaspora and beyond in a celebration of dance, art, fashion and culture. For many attendees, the festival is a family tradition and signifies the beginning of summer.

When I asked people there what they love about the festival, most said that they love the celebration of African culture.

[responsive id=’44440′ name=’2017/06/sideweep_3512.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44439′ name=’2017/06/sailors_3620.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44438′ name=’2017/06/quiff_3551.jpg’]

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[responsive id=’44436′ name=’2017/06/kente_hood_3730.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44430′ name=’2017/06/sunglasses-woman_3324.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44435′ name=’2017/06/knitted_2984.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44434′ name=’2017/06/bike_3668.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44433′ name=’2017/06/afropunk-woman_3479.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44432′ name=’2017/06/afrobeard_3703.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44431′ name=’2017/06/drums_3108.jpg’]

[responsive id=’44429′ name=’2017/06/face-paint_3273.jpg’]

Photography by @waheedpix