Retro style and popping colours

Angolan photographer Alice Marcelino likes to celebrate black cultural diversity. While her previous project, Kindumba, focuses on the sheer range of black hair, this new project is about the representation of black women in fashion.

At a time when the fashion industry is finally recognising the importance of diversity, Alice Marcelino’s Colour Pop is inspired by the fashion trend of colour blocking.

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‘I wanted to get away from the ethnic theme that is always used when you portray black models,’ says Marcelino.

Colour blocking is about boldly combining bright colours together to create catchy outfits. Alice Marcelino’s shoot portrays black models in a mainstream fashion trend… and we love it!

[responsive id=’9312′ name=’2015/11/Alice-Marcelino-pop-colour-3-of-11.jpg’] [responsive id=’9311′ name=’2015/11/Alice-Marcelino-pop-colour-1-of-11.jpg’] [responsive id=’9310′ name=’2015/11/Alice-Marcelino-pop-colour-8-of-11.jpg’] [responsive id=’9308′ name=’2015/11/Alice-Marcelino-pop-colour-5-of-11.jpg’] [responsive id=’9307′ name=’2015/11/Alice-Marcelino-pop-colour-7-of-11.jpg’] [responsive id=’9309′ name=’2015/11/Alice-Marcelino-pop-colour-4-of-11.jpg’] [responsive id=’9306′ name=’2015/11/Alice-Marcelino-pop-colour-9-of-11.jpg’]

Models: Marlene Mpase and Nicolas St Louis
Styling: Nicolas St louis
Make-up and hair: Laura Bernice Viana
Photography Assistant: Camille Abou

Photography by Alice Marcelino