Returning to the banks of the River Nile for its third year running, the three-day ‘NON-STOP’ Nyege Nyege Festival, Uganda, saw North, South, East and West collide in an epic celebration of contemporary African music.

Bold beats shook the tropical forests flanking the river as over 300 acts from all over the globe took to four stages to showcase the best that African music has to offer: kuduros, kwaito, Afro house, hiplife, Tuareg rock, cosmic synths from Niger, Arab tech, Morrocan bass, zouk bass, soukous, balani, funana, swahaili trap and Tigrinian blues – to name just a few.

Despite the accompanying ‘NON-STOP’ thunderstorms, the 5,000 festival-goers embraced the spirit of Nyege Nyege and danced amidst the rain, undeterred. The winding pathways, terraces, old buildings and natural spaces sloping down to the river of The Nile Discovery Beach resort were packed with people soaking up the festival’s unique atmosphere.

And with a wide range of original recipes and Afro-fusion cuisine, the festival celebrated more than just music. At just 50p, the Ugandan rolex was a popular street food choice. Made to order from fried beaten eggs placed onto chapati, the dish is then rolled, giving its original name of ‘rolled eggs’ – say it quickly!


Above: View to the electro stage.

Above: Nairobi-based EA Wave doing a final soundcheck.

Above: Labdi from Nairobi.

Above: Nicola Mo.

Above: Festival main stage.

Above: EA Wave from Nairobi taking to the electro stage.

Above: Ugandan rolex (‘rolled eggs’) festival food.

Above: The downpour.

Above: Reniss from Cameroon on the main stage.

Above: Kongoloko from Congo on the main stage.

Above: The Nairobi crew.