For the past eight years, we’ve been watching the growth of PRIZM Art Fair. Similar to Touria El Glaoui’s 1-54 and Victoria Mann’s AKAA, PRIZM is led by an ambitious (and resilient) young female entrepreneur. In an email interview, Mikhaile Solomon, the founder of PRIZM said, “This is the most global fair we’ve had to date. Whilst 2020 has been a challenging year, it’s exciting that we’ve been able to connect with the African-Diasporic community through art and technology. We have more artists and galleries from the continent represented at the fair than we’ve had in the past, which is promising.”

This 2020 edition, which is currently taking place online, ends on December 21st. PRIZM is presenting 47 artists and 14 galleries representing countries across the African continent, the Caribbean and Americas, with a film series, curated exhibition and panel discussions exploring the intersections of contemporary art and global African film tradition. A highlight of this edition is ​a curated exhibition ​entitled ​Noir, Noir: Meditations on African Cinema and its Influence on Visual Art​, which was curated and organized by William Cordova and Mikhaile Solomon.

Below, is a selection of some of our favorite pieces currently being shown. You can enter the PRIZM Art Fair here.

Sofia Córdova, LA PROPHETA (20122020)
Francisco Vidal, SAMBIZANGA (2020)
Monica Ikegwu, Sessions (2020)
Wycliffe Mundopa, Ides of August Part 10 (2020)
Antoinette Ellis-Williams, Beach Beauties Matching (2018)
John Baloyi, Lititha 4 (2020)
Dominique Zinkpe, Joie de vivre (Joy of Living) (2019)