We featured designer Mboko Basiami  last year as a creative who was up to some interesting things. Her label Glotto manages to marry streetwear (that you’d actually wear) with an aesthetic which says something.

‘The editorial set on vast farmland is reminiscent of the migration of the ancestral Bantu farmers,’ the designer said in her press release.

‘Glowing, growing and genderless, the Glotto Gid (a play on the word kid) is the millennial hunter and gatherer confined by no colonial ideologies and external standards of beauty and function.’

The clothes feature beautiful tie-dye and some carefully placed rips. They make us want to stalk the savannah straight away.

Photographer: @BrilliantKodie

Creative Director: Mboko Basiami (@subsaharanshawty)

Make-up artist: Sadie Simanyana