Photographer and creative director Savannah Baker grew up between London, Jamaica and New York.

She sees Jamaica as her ‘love and life’ and where she is most inspired and feels most rooted. She is keen ‘to showcase the country, to back its growth, by spreading the positivity of Jamaican culture around the world.’ She is working on a life-long project called My Jamaica.

These ‘Bwoys’ in Ja are from the east of the island in Portland near where she lives. They’re her local family and friends. A few of the photos have been taken at street dances in Kingston. All of the images have been taken on film.

Young Vibes (Winifred Beach, Portland)
Life Style (Port Antonio)
Mi Juli (Blue lagoon, Portland)
Prospect (Port Antonio)
Winifred (Winifred beach, Fairy Hill, Portland)
Football Pile-up (Drapers, Portland)
Buff Bay Bwoy (Buff Bay, Portland)
Family (Natural Mystic bar, Drapers, Portland)
Wray, Roadblock (Port Antonio)
'Mystic Strings' DSquad (Fairy Hill, Portland)
Rude Yout, Reema (Drapers, Portland)
Speckles (Blue lagoon, Portland)
The Jetty (San San, Portland)
Fix up
Reefa (Mickis bar, Drapers)
Kevon, Dsquad (Drapers, Portland)

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