I find the fashion industry pretty redundant – a concoction of unwearable clothes, recycled ideas and for the most part, unsuccessful and bland designers. If the world needs less and better rappers then the same can be said of designers and stylists and yet once in a while, I come across creatives who’re actually just that – creative.

Masego Mohwasa, affectionately known by everyone as Chichi, is a jack of all trades. Hair, makeup, and now accessories are her speciality and one need only look at her friends to see the impact she’s had on their image. She’s recently decided to earn money off her talent and created Kapari by Chichi, a line of kitty caps and chokers which she sells at a bargain price (P80 for a kitty cap and P120 for a kitty cap and two chokers – it’s about US$1 to 10 Pula).

‘It’s just never occurred to me that I could, or would, actually do this,’ she tells me. ‘Start a business that is. I’ve always done this for fun and now I’m here actually ordering material and creating designs and I’m still kinda shocked that this is happening and especially that people REALLY want the things I make! I’m a bit shocked by how things are going, I won’t lie.’

On the other side of the spectrum, Feney Molefe is a stylist and all round fashionista, one of the few I know who can say ‘Fashion is my life’ and not dress like an asshole to prove it. When I met her a year ago, her style was very bohemian and laidback, yet always enviable. She looked like she just knew what to put together.

A year later, she’s an attorney and her wardrobe has noticeably changed but somehow the corporate world hasn’t whitewashed her sense of style and taste. ‘Fashion is my thing. It always has been and I don’t think I could dress badly if I tried. I just love looking good. When you look good, you feel good and who doesn’t wanna feel good all the time?’

Model: Feney Molefe

Stylists: Feney Molefe and Bakang Akoonyatse

Denim caps: Kapari by Chichi – Masego Mohwasa

Chokers: Kapari by Chichi – Masego Mohwasa

Clothing: Model’s own

Watch: Model’s own