Beats, rhymes and protest movements: Liberia’s finest play Hipco at the 146 Club

Monrovia is a vibrant city in a country that in recent times has dealt with cival war, corruption, and Ebola. In these times of change, young people have found new role models and new inspiration and look forward to a positive future ahead.

The MCs, producers, and artists of Monrovia are not afraid to challenge the system and the government. Led by Takun J, Mr Smith Lib Money and Nasseman, ‘Hipco’ is a local movement of realness, great beats and heart.

The 146 Club in Monrovia welcomed TRUE Africa to a showcase of the best Monrovian talent. Artist and owner of 146, Jonathan Koffa (Takun J) announced this summer that he was running for the Montserrado District #8 legislative seat. Website Front Page Africa recorded him saying to supporters ‘I want for us to take this to another dimension … I think we can conquer this battle.’

He wants to want to do it his way; he’s told his supporters: ‘Leadership is not education. Leadership is the love for your community.’ And the community at 146 show this optimism, creativity and love.

[responsive id=’36880′ name=’2016/11/TakunJ_Nasseyman_EG5A0343-1.jpg’] [responsive id=’36876′ name=’2016/11/PEACHESEG5A0094.jpg’]  [responsive id=’36871′ name=’2016/11/146_DJs_EG5A0258.jpg’] [responsive id=’36882′ name=’2016/11/XX_Joe_Baby_EG5A0414.jpg’] [responsive id=’36884′ name=’2016/11/YOKEE_BLEEK.EG5A0012.jpg’] [responsive id=’36875′ name=’2016/11/Need_Name_146_CLUB_271.jpg’][responsive id=’36873′ name=’2016/11/NASSEYMAN_EG5A0175.jpg’] [responsive id=’36881′ name=’2016/11/Unknown_EG5A0199.jpg’] [responsive id=’36872′ name=’2016/11/Mr-Smith-Lib-Money_EG5A9534.jpg’] [responsive id=’36868′ name=’2016/11/146_CLUB_294.jpg’] [responsive id=’36870′ name=’2016/11/146_Club_EG5A9770.jpg’] [responsive id=’36883′ name=’2016/11/Yokee_Bleek_EG5A9730.jpg’] [responsive id=’36879′ name=’2016/11/Takun_J_EG5A9601.jpg’] [responsive id=’36869′ name=’2016/11/146_CLUB_296.jpg’]