Back in 2003, I commissioned an article, for TRACE Magazine, on a nascent movement called “Afro Punk.” Our writer, Alexander Barnes, interviewed founder James Spooner, who said, “I’m trying to do things that are empowering to black people, but I don’t just big up any black artist. You have to be good. If you’re just some jackass with a guitar, you’re just a jackass with a guitar.” Anyone who has ever attended the AFROPUNK Festival, in Brooklyn, Atlanta, Paris or London, must have noticed that, under the leadership of co-founder Matthew Morgan, the creative expressions are now as much about fashion statements as they are about music. Last weekend, I went to Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene neighborhood and focused my iPhone lens on festival goers wearing black t-shirts, a staple of festivals worldwide. When I checked out my snaps, I wondered what kind of new year’s eve looks we can expect in Joburg, at their next event, on December 30th and 31st.

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