Abdel Queta Tavares is the man behind the red hat. He – and his red hat – went behind the scenes at MODA AFRICA, a fashion event held by the AMA – Associação Moda Africana that aims to celebrate African sustainable fashion in Lisbon last weekend.

MODA was very special because once again they brought great African designers who ended up illuminating Pavilhão Central do Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) with colour, elegance, culture and music. Moda Africa had a bigger public in Lisbon this year. It is very good for the organisation AMA: the place  was full of guests. Designers on the catwalk included Adama Paris, Fashion Cante, Joan Auguni, Ikilomba, José Hendo, Liz Ogumbo, Lubetina Mak, Mé-Wé, Nicola Conrad, Omar Adelino, Osuare, Rogue Wave and Braima Sori Ba.

Joan Auguni (Sandra Bravo) was born in Angola and is based in Lisbon. She entered in the fashion industry last year. The model is Daimara Mendonça.
José Hendo was born in Uganda and is based in London. She presented the collection Motto Silhouette. Models (from left to right) Tomé P, Edmilson Julio, Claudio Pratas
In Mé-Wé Paris
Braima Sori Ba originally from Guinea Bissau is based in Hamburg, Germany. He presented suits for men in classic and African-style prints.
Cassandra Elisabeth in Adama Paris
Rachid Djalo and Joao in Fashion Canté
Mirey Las Viegas and Malaika Naimba in Mé-Wé Paris
Sheila Mendes, Malaika Naimba, Surly Mendes in José Hendo
Joan Auguni
Adama Paris with a model
Braima Sori Ba

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