With success comes money, and with money comes Wizkid in an assortment of spectacular attire. 

The Nigerian StarBoy CEO has raked in millions due to his musical talents and even bought a pad in LA. But it’s not all about money – the star has style and here are the key elements.

Signature shades

The shirt, jeans and Lamborghini combo. Where can you go wrong?

Bold trainers

Wizkid loves all-black ensembles as he mentioned in his latest interview with Vogue: ‘I like colorful shoes because most of the time I wear black, so I want it to be where my shoes are popping.’

They are indeed Wiz.

Traditional attire

Success hasn’t meant Wizkid has forgotten his Naija roots. Here he is in a classy agbada for a wedding.

Designer t-shirts

When in LA do as the LA-ers do: wear COMME des GARÇONS with a cap to match.


When he wants to get away from it all, Wizkid digs out a hoodie for cover.

Bright bombers

Whatever he said in Vogue, the man ain’t afraid of colour. A royal yellow, that goes quite well with the general setting. Impressive touch.

Skinny jeans

Wizkid went all out for this Fader shoot – shades/camouflage bomber jacket and a strong pose to match. The skinny ripped jeans are classic Wizkid though.

African musicians have so much talent. Perhaps there’ll be a Wizkid-version of Kanye West’s fashion empire soon.