Signatures magazine is one of those heavenly concoctions of word, image, font, texture, a stiff binding and the addictive smell of new paper that make us sneakily wish TRUE Africa had a print edition.

The bi-annual culture magazine is launching on November 5 with a party (tickets here). Issue #00 featured interviews with luminaries like designer Bubu Ogisi, of I.AM.ISIGO fame, as well as singer/song-writer Ria Boss and photographer Lawrence Agyei.

Issue #01 is very mysterious. Check out the Signatures IG page where the team is slowly revealing who’ll be the stars of this issue.

But while you’re waiting, we asked the three minds behind the magazine five questions.


Tell us about Signatures

JASON: Signatures is an independent bi-annual print magazine that explores creative passion, process and pursuit in Africa.

JULIAN: We’re passionate about showcasing emerging and established creatives on the African continent as well as the diaspora because we believe that the two spaces inform and influence each other in different ways. As a team, we like to highlight artists that are unheard of or – in our opinion – do not get the credit that they deserve. Our magazine and podcasts are very helpful in providing that insight.

KARA-JESSICA: We want to do more than a show and tell approach of talent, but really give readers a chance to explore some hidden gems. In that sense, it’s more than just a magazine; we showcase the deeper narratives of creatives from Africa and its diaspora. We also want to provoke thought and spark on going conversations – you’ll see a lot of that within the essays.

Valene Lontanga for Signatures magazine by Sharon Jane D
Tell us about yourselves

JULIAN: I’m a numbers guy, a nerd, a producer, and I DJ. So I channel all my abilities into Signatures when I can, whether it’s through creative direction or doing an interview or ranting in a podcast.

KARA-JESSICA: I’m a freelance graphic designer who focuses mainly on publication design and branding. I’m very excited to have been brought on board as the art director for the magazine.

JASON: I’m a writer and occasional graphic designer. I have a huge interest in consumer behavior, advertising and marketing. But more than anything, I’m passionate about documenting creative subcultures in any form. From film to writing, I want to play a role in adding to the archives. Signatures does just that!

© Barbara Premo
What can we look forward to in this issue?

JASON: The theme for our upcoming issue is ‘growth’. Every artist is on her or his own journey of growth, whether it’s searching for a new direction for their craft, finding their voice, learning how to deal with criticism, or looking back at history in order to move forward.

We explored the different avenues of growth in different and insightful ways. Every feature in the magazine is different, just by virtue of the different personalities we’ve spoken with, but the theme of growth is the running thread of consciousness throughout the magazine.

JULIAN: Most of the interviews and articles depict insight into the artists’ growth and development for their passion, their work process and pursuit of success and self-satisfaction. It also shows how Signatures has grown as a team and as a family because a lot of blood, sweat and tears has gone into this very issue. Expect amazing photography, touching stories and a lot of knowledge.

KARA-JESSICA: This issue has a wealth of content, from thought pieces to editorials, advice from experienced creatives on how to make it in your career and amazing exclusive photography. It’s all very exciting!

© Barbara Premo
What song would you say was the soundtrack to this issue?

KARA-JESSICA: A Seat at the Table by Solange Knowles seems like such an easy go-to answer, but it was released not long before we released the issue and it did get me through many all-nighters. Plus her frankness is timely to some of the features within the magazine.

JASON: Any song from Blonde. Shout-out to Frank for making an inspiring magazine too (yes, I got a copy!) I listened to a lot of instrumental stuff as well; writing while listening to songs with vocals is a huge distraction for me.

JULIAN: Me personally, the soundtrack to this issue was Expensive S*** by Fela Kuti

© Fola Abatan
Tell us a secret

JASON: The only secret that’s worth sharing is a corny one – we’ve got a whole lot more in-store. Watch this space!

KARA-JESSICA: I’ll be honest: even I’ve discovered names I haven’t heard of through working on this issue. So readers are definitely in for a treat.

JULIAN: Anytime I‘m served Nigerian food, I’m secretly thinking about Ghanaian meals while eating.

© Fola Abatan

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