During his seven-month reign, Muhammadu Buhari has packed in enough surprises to start a soap opera. He’s sacked most of his ministers, given himself a pay cut and looks like he may be making progress against Boko Haram. So far, so good.

The one thing Buhari has truly really excelled at though is his choice of headgear. He’s treated every public appearance as a catwalk for his (neverending?!) hat collection.

To celebrate his impeccable fashion sense, we’ve rounded up the best of the best of his hats.

We salute you, President Buhari, world leader… in style.

The 'always proud of his party' hat


This hat succeeds in the almost impossible: it displays the green, blue, orange and brown colours of the APC party while remaining tasteful.

What’s a press appearance without a bit of subtle advertising for your party?

The 'ready for my presidential photo' hat


The dark blue and gold hat injects brightness to his classic blue outfit for the presidential photo shoot.

Is it just me or does blue bring out Buhari’s eyes?

The 'Nigerian Che Guevera' hat

© Corbis

Here he channels the je-ne-sais-quoi of a young revolutionary.

Even as a young gun, Muhammadu had exquisite style.

The 'Black Derby' wild-card hat

© bellanaija

Pairing a white tunic and wooden cane makes for a classic safari look.

But Buhari likes to keep us on our toes, switching it up with a bowler hat.

The 'white as snow' hat


An all-white outfit is a simple and easy option when you’ve got a busy day of calls.

But you need to finish it off with a touch of swag like Buhari.

The 'Asian persuasion' hat


Fitting for any world leader, Buhari has an international flair for fashion.

Red, black and gold… Asian inspiration for Muhammadu.

The 'classic monochrome' hat

Washington, DC © Alex Wong/Getty Images

Priest Muhammadu.

The 'it's all in the details' hat


A classic hat that jazzes up his crisp white shirt. A sure-fire sartorial hit perfectly accessorised by hipster glasses and irresistible dimples.

Is he pouting?!

The 'even more details' hat

Germany © Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Details, details and more details… President Buhari has an eye for detail.

He’s pulled the shades out now too.

The 'green light for style' hat


This one is my favourite; green and white are always at their best on dark skin.

Something that Buhari knows too well.

The 'Big Chief' hat


The APC chief dark blue hat demands respect.

This hat gets a thumbs up from us too.

.... and what's under his hat?

© bellanaija

President Buhari has nothing to hide.