Are you sitting down? Good. We have news about Marvel’s much anticipated Black Panther.

A recent, but not minor, addition has been made to Ryan Coogler’s 90 per cent black cast for the upcoming superhero movie and it is about to make your melanin glow.

So far the cast is composed of…


Super-bae Chadwick Boseman

There is no shame in admitting you spend your Sunday afternoons watching clips of his scenes as the Black Panter from Captain America’s Civil War.

Super-bad (but still bae) Michael B Jordan

Michael B Jordan has been casted to play Erik Killmonger, aka Black Panther’s nemesis and we cannot wait to see scenes where the two come face to face. The bets are open.

Queen Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o has joined the Dora Milaje Squad – Wakanda’s all-female royal guard. The only squad that deserves to get the #SquadGoals.

Sister-bae Danai Gurira

Walking Dead’s alumni Danai Gurira will also portray one of T’Challa’s guard members: Okoye.

Natual-born slayer Florence Kasumba

Florence Kasumba is set to return as Ayo, the woman who casually put the Black Widow in her place in Captain America’s Civil War.

Britain’s finest Daniel Kaluuya

After stealing our hearts as Posh Kenneth in Skins, Daniel Kaluuya will steal our hearts all over again as W’Kabi, T’Challa’s loyal friend.

Multi-faceted talent Forest Whitetaker

The very talented Forrest Whitetaker has been casted as one of Wakanda’s elders and we have faith he’ll know just what to do.

And the latest addition to the cast is… drumroll…

The real Queen...

None other than Angela ‘I cannot age’ Bassett. After giving us Amanda Waller in Green Lantern, Angela Basset is back in the superhero universe and has been casted as T’Challa’s mother: Ramonda.

While it is amazing news, the choice seems obvious: who else has enough grace to portray the Queen Mother of the most powerful African nation ?

The film will hit our theaters in July 6th 2018 and the wait is going to be long.