Its another weekend of football around Europe which can only mean one thing. Goals, goals, and goal celebrations. Players will be practising their celebrations in the hope of creating something viral no doubt.

The Premier League photographers are still on the hunt to see Paul Pogba’s first goal for Manchester United since his world record signing. If that happens, then his famous dab celebration will no doubt follow.

Here are five of footballs regular dabbers.

Pierre Aubameyang: I believe I can dab

Saving his team from defeats epitomises how Pierre ‘Batman’ Aubameyang rolls. Hero!!!

Paul Pogba: More dab, more goals

Creativity is at the heart of a good dab. Pogba not only scores with both feet, he can dab with both arms.

Romelu Lukaku: Dab with no remorse

Lukaku is as efficient with his dab as he is with his goal scoring. Nothing fancy… just do it.

Jesse Lingard: Get your dab degree

If you didn’t get your GED, don’t worry, get your DAB.

Cam Newton: The Dab Daddy

What more can we say about Cam? His touchdown technique is as creative as his dabbing skills. Outrageous!!!

Dab and out!!