Before the likes of iROKOtv and iBAKAtv, I’d get my Nollywood fix on Youtube.

The saying that you should never judge a book by its cover is never truer when it comes to Nollywood films. Some titles are just too outrageous for their own good. YouTube was offering some that brought real tears of laughter to my eyes.

Let’s start with films that have no reference to the popular figures they’re named after. From your classic Beyoncé (a corker starring some of Ghana’s finest) to more intriguingly (or bewilderingly) named films such as Shakira, Lady Gaga, Margaret Thatcher and, of course, the widely anticipated Drake vs. Meek Mill. You’ve got to love an industry that wastes no time in cashing in on current affairs.



Because of the sheer volume of Nollywood films available there needs to be some sort of filter. Titles don’t help. So I’m here to act as your guide. There might be no viewing pleasure but there can be some literary banter. So here is a list of ten titles that will either make you chuckle or just confuse your life. However don’t write them all off, there are a few that may surprise you.

Shameless He Goat

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He tried…but of course he shouldn’t have!

Bloody Inhumanity
Avoidable Blunder

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The quick dash!

The Evil Mushroom
Illuminati Angels

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…I just can’t.

Mad Sex

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I’ve mentioned the 2010 rollercoaster that was Mad Sex before. It features some of Nollywood’s most notable players.

Disvirgined Virgin

Nothing can top the incredulity that was instilled in my life the day I came across Disvirgined Virgin. The cover art looks great, so never let a title fool you.

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I smell a scandal…

Unfriendly Friend

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Friend indeed…

Pregnant Couple

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YES! Husband AND wife are with child.

Area Scatter

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I don’t even understand what is going on here.

There you have it. Good luck trying to decipher a few of these!