How long is too long to spend on a countdown of super-hot models? I’ve done this in the office and I’m feeling a bit self-conscious scouring with everyone around. But hey, it is work!

Hope you enjoy delving into these seven up-and-coming models, we should look forward to seeing this season: 

Tayo Ogunkoya

Londoner Ogunkoya’s debut was walking for Dior in 2008 and it doesn’t look like his career will be slowing down anytime soon. Rumour has it, he’s also got a degree in Materials Engineering! Respect.

Check out Tayo’s instagram @ty3kingz for more photos. Spoiler: you do.

Tidiou M'baye

For Tidiou M’baye, modelling runs in the family. The Senegalese-French model landed in the modelling scene after his brother Sacha M’baye scouted him for the agency he was signed to. Definitely check out all 1.9 metres of him on Instagram!

Here’s Tidiou’s Insta.

Adonis Bosso

From the Côte d’Ivoire, Bosso moved to Canada pretty early on in life. He told W Magazine about the varying amount of work for dark-skinned models like him during some fashion weeks (Paris Fashion Week being one of the worst offenders). Luckily, that hasn’t deterred Adonis: he’s been working with Dolce & Gabbana and plenty other fashion heavyweights.

Adonis Bosso’s insta.

Toyin Oneyene

Toyin has caught a lot of attention recently. He starred in Lukhanyo Mdingi‘s gorgeous Taintless lookbook, which is where I first caught a glimpse. He’s pretty new on the fashion scene from the looks of it. But with more quality shoots like this, I’m sure he’ll get some international work.

Toyin’s Instagram.

Claudio Monteiro

With origins from Cape Verde, Portuguese Claudio Monteiro has been doing a lot of work this year. Have a look at him in this J. Crew Presentation (F/W 2015). He’s adorable; check him out hanging out with other equally attractive models.

His insta: @claudiuz

Armando and Fernando Cabral

Lightning does strike twice occasionally: brothers Fernando and Armando are so chiseled it hurts. The Guinea-Bissau duo have worked together on shoots for Balmain, but they’re both successful in their own right.

Fernando told Wild Magazine he has plans ‘to work with non-governmental organisations to help African development’ whilst Armando has a luxury footwear label, Armando Cabal. Perfect… One can kit you out in the nicest gear whilst the other is basically Mother Theresa. Best of both worlds, really.

Armando’s Instagram and Fernando’s.

Hope you enjoyed this list. There were so many other models I could’ve added. Let us know of more for next time on Twitter using #TRUEAfrica