Ethical, directional, and African? Be still our beating wallets! New website Tribeur has launched and is home to some of the best fashion out there.

You’ll be able to browse through their contemporary fashion, vintage finds and ethical accessories in person at their pop-up store on June 14, at Goldbourne 50 in collab with sleepwear brand Tales of Thread.

It’s headed up by the ultra-glam Annelise who we’ve featured in TRUE Africa before.

Here are some of our favourite items from the collection.

Check out the website here.

Frida for all

A beautiful vintage Levis jacket has been customised with a portrait of the Mexican artist.

Show off your pedicure

Summer is here and make sure your shoes show off your pedicure.

Clutch tight

Made from upcycled Afghan dresses, these clutches are adorable and directional.

Sleep stylish

Be stylish in bed with Tales of Thread. The ethical brand ‘works with female owned/managed factories paying above market wages in safe working environments.’

One-sy in a million

Click to see a sexy low cut back.

Jingle jangle

Just one of the beautiful pieces on the site, this Adèle Dejak bracelet is made of reclaimed Ankole cow horn and 24 carat gold leaf.

Check out Tribeur