Black women and hair. We can’t stop talking about our locks. We can’t stop changing our locks. We can’t paying (too much money at times!) for our locks. Our manes. Our crowns. Our lids. And why should we?

According to a report by research firm Mintel, the black haircare industry is projected to be worth US$761 million this year and that isn’t even including the e-commerce, distributors and independent stores. There is money to be made when it comes to black women and their hair.

So with a market that has ever -growing demand, it seems natural that business owners and entrepreneurs would offer new services and new ways for women to indulge in their hair experiences. Yes, hair has gone techie ladies! Gone are the days of having to wait hours to get your blow dry, your weave or braids. Need some extensions now? No problem! Want to change your colour for the weekend? Just a tap on your phone away.

So with the exciting transformation of this new billion dollar industry, here are some of the best apps out there. So browse, book and slay!



Abigail and Antonia Opiah, founders of Un-ruly (and TRUE Africa bffs) have recently launched their newest venture called Yeluchi.

The at-home service application is currently active in the New York metropolitan area. Can we stress how awesome this is?! No, you don’t have to leave your apt with your hair all up in a mess. They will come to YOU. Quick blow dry? No problem! New braided hairstyle? They will be with you in a jiffy. If Jesus was a weave-wearing woman, even he would say ‘thank you, Lord!’

Unbeweavable Hair

Although it hasn’t launched at the time of writing, we are VERY excited for the arrival of UNBEWEAVABLE in London by Zina Alfa. First, what an excellent name! Second, it couldn’t come at a better time for us UK-based hair queens who have had to watch our American cousins get their hair done ‘oh so easily’ . The app promises to revolutionise hair services.


Trest operates as something of a salon social network. The app syncs with the user’s Facebook account to populate salon recommendations generated by your Facebook friends.

So remember when Wande said she got her hair done ‘on holiday’ but then she checked in at that salon down the street? Yep, you are welcome!


For team natural chicks, Afrocks is your go to app to find the best stylists for your natural hair style. They do all the work going vetting the worst case scenarios so you only have to choose from the best! And, like Uber, no cash payments. Simple, easy and paid by just a quick push of the button.


For those of us who have moved to a new city and have had to ask people who are essentially strangers with magnificent hair ‘WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR HAIR DONE?’ then this app is for you! Jihan Thompson and Jennifer Lambert launched app Swivel to help women who’s struggles are too real in finding a good hair stylist.

Currently serving the women of NYC there are talks to expand to more cities.


TresseNoire provides on-location beauty services for women of color in New York City and Philadelphia.

This app allows you to choose your style from a pic (or send in one if you can’t find the style you like) and then it offers stylists who can replicate it in the comfort of your boudoir or living room or wherever you get your hair done in your home.


Priscilla Hazel, Esther Olatunde and Cassandra Sarfo – female entrepreneurs from Nigeria and Ghana – came up with Tress for women on their home continent.

Already well funded by top accelerators, the app helps black women find hair inspiration, and high-quality stylists and products.

You can find Tress dominating the West African market and plans are in motion to expand to Kenya and South Africa