The beauty blogging industry in Africa is still in its infancy and most bloggers are learning the ropes through trial and error.

The search for a beauty blog that caters to your specific needs can be tough work. In an effort to help you find your beauty blog fit, I’ve put together a list of my favourite beauty blogs coming out of the diaspora. Get ready to bookmark!

Fatou N’Diaye

Fatou N’Diaye is the stunning French blogger of Senegalese, Malian and Nigerian descent behind Black Beauty Bag. Speaking in an interview with Vogue N’Diaye says, ‘I grew up in a time when it was difficult to see articles about black women in the press and after trips to New York and London I was realising that France was really lacking in those areas,’ she says. ‘I felt invisible. Having an online platform was the best way to do something about it.’

She has racked up quite a following with her simple beauty approach and gorgeous style.

Black Beauty Bag

Jackie Aina

First of all if this beauty vlogging thing doesn’t pan out Miss Jacquelyn has a budding career in comedy. She’s not in any danger of that though, Makeup Game On Point is here for the long haul.

Her Makeup Game On Point videos are informative, informal and a great way to ease you into the basics of makeup and facial care – dopeness. Her goofiness is entertaining too. Let’s be friends… please?

Jackie Aina

Nikki Perkins

Nikki Perkins is a crucial addition to this list because we all know darker-toned black women have a hard time finding beauty looks that are flattering, inexpensive and easy to emulate. The South Sudanese vlogger used to be a model and is based in Australia.

If you’re a mom-to-be, Nikki’s YouTube also documents her relationship with husband Jamie and her pregnancy. Congratulations on the birth of your baby Nikki but please vlog in between feeds!

Nikki Perkins

Tabitha Tongoi

Tabitha Tongoi is the Kenyan beauty behind lifestyle and beauty blog Craving Yellow. Her blog shares her journey back to natural hair, style tips and stunning pictures of her life in Melbourne, Australia where she is based. Whether you need beauty or sartorial tips Craving Yellow is definitely a must-visit.

Craving Yellow


Ijeoma is a natural hair and lifestyle blogger and PhD student. She started in 2013 with the mission to change perceptions of kinky-textured hair around the world.

Her vlogging focuses primarily on hair, encouraging women and men to fully embrace their natural hair texture through proper maintenance, versatile styling and self-love. She also writes about living a healthy lifestyle.

Klassy Kinks

Shirley B. Eniang

Though I wouldn’t primarily class Shirley as a beauty blogger (she has heaps of minimalist style) I have to include her because when she or Kezia (her sister) start talking beauty or makeup, trust that I listen.

I love how she puts her fashion looks together with understated hair and makeup looks that anyone can try out… especially newbies.

Shirley B. Eniang

Laila Jean

Laila of Fusion of Cultures (some of you may know her as Neffy Fro Fro) is vlogger whose page is an exploration of all things natural hair, lifestyle, beauty with a side of London. Her Ghanaian and Egyptian heritages are the basis of her vlog’s name where she shares a wealth of beauty and makeup tips.

Fusion of Cultures