As the holder of all four major tennis titles, there’s no doubt: Serena Williams is a champion. She is so great that we’re surprised when she doesn’t win a tournament. We’re astonished, for example, when she was knocked out of the US Open despite the fact that had she won it, she would have been only the sixth player in tennis history to win every major tournament of the season.

Whatever happens, she is a phenomenal champion inspiring a generation of sportsmen and women from around the world.

It is just as important for mere mortals like us to learn from her greatness. We must find our own greatness and be a champion in our own lives. Whatever it is that you are trying to achieve in business or in life, you can be just as successful in your own right.

Here are just a few things that I believe we can learn from Serena.




Never give up

Even when it looks like you are losing you have to keep on trying

If there’s something in your life that you are trying to accomplish but challenges and barriers keep getting in your way, take the time to assess a new way of thinking or find a new strategy. Quite often people give up on their goals because of failures and losses along the way. But that doesn’t mean the goal itself is impossible; sometimes it is the strategy of achieving that goal that is not working.

When Serena loses a game she doesn’t focus on the loss as a disadvantage. She sees it as a chance to work on being even better and finds a way to win.

Be gracious and grateful when you win

Even when you know that you are a winner, be grateful for your wins.

Wherever your success takes you, showing gratitude and respect to all those who have been your cheerleaders and supporters throughout your life is so important.

Have fun when you win

Have fun and enjoy your journey. Of course there will be stressful and challenging times but have fun along the way. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the moment; sometimes we take life a little bit too seriously.

Believe in yourself

This is one of the most challenging and yet probably the most essential factors in order to achieve success.

You have to believe in yourself.

You have to visualise your success and truly believe that you are worthy of accomplishing your wildest dreams.

If you want to win you have to see yourself as a winner and work towards it.

Maintain a strong support network

Serena has had a strong support network throughout her career. Her entire family has helped her to achieve the successes that have made her great as well as the coaches who have helped to perfect her skills. Every champion needs a network to keep them focused and keep them motivated along the way.


There is no great success that can ever be achieved without hard work.

It is very simple.

You cannot expect to achieve Serena’s success if you do not put in the work. Whatever it is you are seeking to achieve in this world work HARD to get there. It is worth it in the end. I’m still working on it but I believe it.

Serena Williams