Social Media Week Lagos is around the corner and it just seems to be upping its game year after year. The theme this year is ‘Language and The Machine’ and the week promises to be an exploration of how technology is creating a ‘new language’ and different way of communicating in and across Africa.

The week is sponsored and attended by global big guns Facebook, the Dangote Group, Samsung Electronic West Africa, MainOne, General Electric, and Nestle/Nescafe.

Keynote by the Chief Product Officer for Facebook

Chris Cox, Chief Product Officer for Facebook, will be coming to Lagos for his first time after Mark Zuckerberg forged the way last year.

He’ll be talking about ‘The Future of Media’; given so many Facebook representatives are visiting Africa’s most popular country, it looks like Facebook thinks the future of media is in Nigeria.

Travel the continent

Last year, SMW Lagos launched Travel Africa Day (#TravelAfricaDay) on February 27. It’s an opportunity to promote travel across the continent (why do to Disney Land when you could visit a bright pink lake) and discuss the economic benefits.

It’s all good. Particularly when it’s an excuse to post beautiful images of holiday destinations.


Get a chance to shop and mingle with the online brands you follow. More here.

Eat, dance, be merry

What’s better than Afrobeats? What’s better than rice and stew? Both of them together. On Wednesday eve you’ll be able to eat, dance and network. More here.

Visit for free

Secondary and university students will be able to attend some events at Social Media week for free! Students will be able to take a tour of the SMW Lagos Campus and attend a session from a curated list of programming. Keep an eye on the hashtag #smwopencampus.

Go to the TRUE Africa session

Yes, it’s a cheeky sixth reason to follow SMW Lagos, but we’ll be hosting an online session on Monday at 1.30pm.

Join to listen about TRUE Africa’s editor-in-chief Claude Grunitzky journey from setting up TRACE to launching the latest media-platform on the continent. (That’s us.)

Find out more about the week