Congolese-born teenager Emmanuel Mudiay was chosen 7th in the first round 2015 draft pick entry to play basketball for the Denver Nuggets. In celebration, we thought it might be a good idea to show you why this 19-year-old from the motherland is being dubbed the next Russell Westbrook.

He has a mean dunk

Who’s favourite basketball player can’t dunk? Plus – every team needs players who can get the crowd off their feet.

He has light fingers

The youngster doesn’t just have raw talent, he has the finesse to go with it.

He's a role model... or a mummy’s boy

He is only 19 and any professionals who show public acts of affection to their mother gets respect from everyone.

He's athletic

If you’re going to be dubbed the next Russell Westbrook averaging 20+ PPG, you’re going to need to be athletic.

He can pass without looking

Basketball is one of those sports where there’s going to be a lot of scoring, so when you can add some spice to the game, the fans love ya!