Footballers are hot stuff. Most guys will confess to having had a dream of being one, not least because of the lifestyles these immensely talented superhumans have.

With the start of the new season, we are now set, at least for the next nine months, to continuously see them on our screens and any mobile device we own.

Players will make the news for anything ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous. They are flush with cash, and they flaunt it. But what are those pleasures that footballers enjoy that we all secretly wish we could too, even though we criticise them publicly for having them?


This is by far the biggest crime that players are guilty of. They have tons of them.

Footballers seem to celebrate everything with a shiny new automobile. We’ve won the league… trip to the Ferrari shop. It’s Christmas… new Lambourghini. You get the gist.

Adebayor shows us that no dapper look is complete without a car to match.
High end car manufacturers must love the transfer window, as players move to bigger clubs, earn more cash and buy more cars. Some players have also started businesses to service this need.

Sulley Muntari of Ghana is the founder of 4FK MOTORSPORT which specialises in tuning up and wrapping high-end cars. No awards in guessing who his clientele have been. You guessed it, other footballers, including one notable SuperMario Balotelli.


Thanks to social media, more than ever, we can follow our favourite football stars every second of the day, and see where they go.

We all wish we could pack ourselves in their suitcases as they jet off on those lavishly expensive holidays in exotic locations. Some are invited to Monte Carlo for the prestigious Formula One weekend. Others spend their off time in the Caribbean, mingling with stars from other works of life.

Take me with you Didier.

Beautiful women

Most fellas will definitely agree with this one. If footballers sent out an invite for ‘who wants to be a footballer’s wife’, the queue for the audition will likely be longer than those that eagerly waited on the new Frank Ocean album.

Footballer’s wives and girlfriends or WAGs as they are aptly named tend to tick the 10/10 box, and for many, a footballer is a perfect complement for a career in fashion or the public eye. Ronaldo dated Irina Shayk, Gerard Pique has been going strong with Shakira.

Meanwhile, African footballers are not left out, many have dated a host of beautiful African women as Samuel E’too showed during his wedding to his stunning wife Georgette.


A long time ago, oversized headphones were associated with DJs. Not anymore. Since these oversized hearing aids came back into fashion, footballers have been all over them. From Beats by Dre to Monster, it is almost impossible to see a footballer without a marquee set of headphones before a game. Or at anytime for that matter.

What type of music they listen to is anyone’s guess. But for the time being it appears the bigger they are, the better. This is certainly one footballer’s pleasure which is within the reach of the rest of us… that is if you’re willing to spend above £200 on a good set.


There seems to be an unwritten code that the one sport that footballers enjoy outside of the one in which they play is golf. They are definitely not on par with Tiger Woods and the rest of his club swinging pals, but footballers do enjoy a round of golf on their off time.

Footballer Dwight Yorke enjoys a round of golf. © Valerio Pennicino/Getty

Why golf? It must be the slow-paced nature of golf that appeals to them or maybe it’s because the colour of the playing surface (green) matches that of the football pitch.