In 2010 Moya Bailey conceived the term misogynoir, defining it as a ‘particular brand of hatred directed at black women in American visual and popular culture’.

In our society and in our media, black women across the world are represented in a way which undermines and diminishes them. And yet in spite of this, their beauty is undeniable.

To be a black woman is in no way one-dimensional. These artists have been chosen for the way they explore and celebrate the multi-layered essence and diverse beauty of women. Enjoy.

Massogona Sylla


Massogona Sylla uses her art to challenge the portrayal of women’s role in society and the media.

China girl – N’Zassa

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Alexander Ikhide


Alexander’s pieces titled States of Humanity take us on a kaleidoscopic journey into the human form. The raw humanity of being a women is reflected using his manifold approach to art.

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Debra Cartwright


Watercolour artist Debra Cartwright’s work pops with energy. ‘My first love is modern art. I seek to combine my love for conversation, expression, and minimalism in all my projects.’


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Dawn Okoro

Black and Yellow

‘For me being a woman means navigating the world as a responsible human being with a feminine spirit.’ Dawn Okoro paints strong, vibrant and sexy black figures on her rich canvasses.

Bella Duafe

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Sara Golish

Bird of Beauty

‘The society most of us (regardless of where we come from, it seems) are brought up in, focuses solely on outer beauty and generally a Eurocentric or white model as the epitome of beauty.

‘Of course changing these current standards must take place in order to break down those boundaries and I can only hope that my art can and will encourage such changes.’ Sara Golish’s Afro-futurist work launches you into an alternate, yet familiar world.


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