Actors of African development from start-ups, investors and tech-industry partners are getting together with the bright-eyed students of Paris École Polytechnique to highlight the challenges surrounding innovation for rural development in Africa.

Africa, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, has experienced exceptional population growth over the past several years, characterised by a strong increase in its urban population. This development of cities is linked to significant economic growth in some countries; it also fosters social insecurity and does not always lead to a fair and equitable development.

Participants and speakers of the X-Afrique Forum will discuss the technological tools that will enable entrepreneurs and investors in Africa to participate in the development of rural areas; as well as the current policies for effective economic integration.

Speakers include Alexandre Maymat , Director Africa Branch SOCIETE GENERALE; Christian Kamayou , CEO and Founder of My African Startup; and Abdourahmane Cissé, Budget Minister of Ivory Coast, (and our very own Editor-in-Chief, Claude Grunitzky)

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