The Linda Ikeji-Wizkid brawl has been brewing for quite a while now but has reached fever pitch over the last few days. The successful Nigerian blogger alleged that Wizkid had fathered another child (cute baby!) out in the US.

She also recently reported that Wizkid was facing eviction from his Lekki home (which everyone assumed he owned). As she put it, so scathingly  ‘for reasons best known to him, he refused to renew his rent.’

But we bet she didn’t quite expect Wizkid’s vitriolic response on her IG post:

Her response on her blog was somewhat more classy. For some reason she didn’t seem to mind about the fact he threatened to beat he up or called her an ‘ugly old bitch’ or even called her mum ‘a loser’. She actually spent most of the post describing how she hadn’t slept with his director and defending her honour.

But why is Wizkid so angry at Linda? She had her own theory.

‘Having said that, I’m sure, you wonder why Wizkid is so mad at me? To be honest, I don’t know either. All I know is that his beef with me started a long time ago but he decided to start bashing me online after I refused a meeting with him. A few months ago, he asked his PR people to contact me, that he wanted to talk to me. For some reason, he thought I didn’t like him and I was hurting his image online. He wanted to see how I could write more positive things about him but I turned down the meeting.’

Ouch! So Wizkid’s mad because he got snubbed.

Read her blog here