Actor Will Smith is on holiday in Africa and reportedly using his private airplane to jet all over the continent.

After spending some time in Egypt kissing the locals (👇🏾), he flew to Morocco.

He shared some selfies on his Facebook page: even Hollywood stars can behave like embarrassing dads. Again, see below.

He promised us he’s coming back: ‘Just leaving Cairo/Giza… WOW! Thanx for the Love, Egypt. I shall return.’

In Morocco, the Fresh Prince tried on some clothes and went shopping. Hassan Hajjaj eat your heart out.

From @FadilaElgadi Twitter

He also showed off his moves:

He then put on some camouflage pants (really, Will, really?) and hung out with model Chanel Iman in the Serengeti.

IG @chaneliman

He was a gentleman and took the obligatory selfies with fans:

And we were left wondering how he's fit in the plane (Twitter: @Musinguzi_Sam)

He’s now in Zambia. Everyone is excited:

He went bungee jumping and fans noticed something weird:

Hopefully he can use his time on the continent to practice his African accents. We all remember his bizarre Nigerian accent in Concussion.