We often cover emerging art fairs in this publication, and we’ve seen quite a few changes over the past few years, with the pandemic upending the calendar for many art fairs. Some disappeared, and others have found a way to keep going. We always look for the fairs that feature up-and-coming artists from Africa and the African diaspora, establishing long-term relationships with the galleries that support them.

Of that group, our favorites are Zona Maco in Mexico City, the largest art fair in Latin America; the Armory Show, which has found a new home at the Javits Center in New York City; and the 1-54 Contemporary African Art Fair, which hosts editions in London, New York City and Paris and launched its Marrakech iteration in 2018.

The 2023 edition of Enter Art Fair will bring together 88 of the world's leading galleries from 22 countries and 36 cities.

Among the new entrants in Europe, we’ve been following Art Basel’s Paris +, which took on FIAC’s October dates to launch its own fair in 2022; and Enter Art Fair, which bills itself as “Scandinavia’s largest international art fair and a nexus of creative and commercial exchanges.” The annual four-day event, which launched in 2019, will take place in Copenhagen from August 24th to 27th, bringing the work of contemporary artists from 88 leading galleries from around the world.

The new edition of Enter Art Fair will take place in a 10,000 m2 historic venue that was formerly used for maintenance of the Danish locomotives.

“We connect art lovers with the most visionary galleries and artists during our annual event in Copenhagen and our online platform throughout the year,” says Julie Leopold Alf, founder and CEO of Enter Art Fair. “Whether you are an established collector, dealer or buying your first artwork, you will be able to bring a unique piece of art with you home. We are proud to collaborate with the industry’s key players, and together forge a meaningful path for the international art world.”

THK Gallery in Cape Town works with established and emerging artists from Africa and the diaspora, as well as international artists.

One gallery that is featured in this month’s edition is THK Gallery, based in Cape Town. THK works with artists including Nonzuzo Gxekwa, a Johannesburg-based photographer whose approach to photography captures ordinary and intimate moments around her. We asked Frank Schönau, the director of the gallery, how the inclusion of African artists is enhancing Enter Art Fair. “We are excited to return to Enter Art Fair and showcase the best of contemporary art from the continent. Art fairs are important spaces for meeting and conversation, as well as learning and discovery. As a gallery focused on forging cross-cultural dialogue, we are proud to create new conversations between Copenhagen and Cape Town, introducing collectors to some of the exciting new voices from Africa.”

Learn more about Enter Art Fair here.