We all have bad days sometimes. President Museveni had a shocker of a day when he repeatedly referred to Israel as Palestine while greeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a historic state visit.

Yes, he got Israel mixed up with Palestine..

His speech (and it appears as if it was actually written down) went hilariously off on a tangent and included such gems as ‘Herod was a bad gentleman… or something like that’ and reflections on international diplomacy: ‘You know I waste a lot of time in these international meetings. That’s why when I go there I sleep because it helps me… to survive.’

He even proposes to find a solution to the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. Special congratulations go to the resolutely dead-pan audience.

The two leaders were present at an event in Entebbe to mark the 40th anniversary of the 1976 hijacking of an Air France flight by Palestinian militants.