David Cameron has been caught on camera telling Queen Elizabeth that Nigeria and Afghanistan are ‘fantastically corrupt’ during a visit to Buckingham Palace for her 90th birthday.

You’re not supposed to talk politics at a party but UK Prime Minister David Cameron couldn’t help but put his foot in while chit-chatting about the upcoming anti-corruption summit.

The Queen agrees that Buhari is ‘trying’ to not be corrupt – yes, clever insight, Liz. The Speaker of the House of Commons John Bercow then whips in with: ‘They are coming at their own expense, one assumes?’ The Leader of the House of Commons Chris Grayling just… sniggers.

The video was posted by British TV channel Channel 4 less than an hour ago and almost has a thousand shares already. Do you think the Brits are insulting Nigeria and Afghanistan in this video? And given the revelations about his own tax affairs in the Panama Papers, is Cameron being a little hypocritical?

The end note: Cameron says ‘It could be quite… interesting.’ It already is, thanks to this video.